Do I have a chance of being admitted?(Oakland University, MI)

  1. Hello Everyone,
    I'm a pre-nursing student at Oakland University. I just applied to the program and I'm still waiting for a response (I was told I'll get it early in June). OK- so my only problem is that I have a low pre-nursing GPA which is 3.43. I met with my counselor before I finished my last class required and she told me that I have a good chance. However After I submitted my application I talked to her again and she didn't tell me anything when I asked if I had a good chance or not. She said she can't tell yet because she hasn't looked at the application and I can email her if few weeks and she will be able to tell me. Two weeks pass by and I email her but she didn't answer till today, I emailed her some time in April. my counselor always responds fast, so now I'm really scared that I will not be admitted. I even signed up to retake Chemistry 104 since it's my lowest grade. So If anyone was admitted to Oakland University's basic BSN program, what was your GPA when you applied. And if Anyone is Applying what is your GPA?
    Thank You
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  3. by   Guy in Babyland
    They can say that based on the last application cycle that you have a good chance, but once you put in your application they generally wont tell you anything until the decisions are made. Because you are now an applicant and they don't want to give you any information that they don't give to other applicants. They would get bombarded every day if every applicant called or emailed wanting to know if they have a chance. Additionally, this is the summer and there is less staffing during the summer. They may not be in the office very much during the summer.
  4. by   D1ana123
    Thank you for your reply Don1984.I was definitely not thinking about that...You are absolutely right! But being so nervous about this whole process I guess I forgot about all the other applicants. On the bright side I'll hear back from the school of nursing very soon! so exciting and nerve wrecking lol