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anybody get discouraged while waiting? i'm taking prereqs now, and have applied to schools from whom i have heard NOTHING... i'm 24, i won't start the program until i'm 26 due to waiting... Read More

  1. by   Coolgramma
    I really had to smile when reading all the replies to "discouraged". I, like many of you, was older (30) when I finally was able to start in an ADN nursing program. I did it in two years...with 4 children!!! Several years later I had the opportunity at a large meical center, to become a Nurse Practitioner (before Master's programs for NP's). I did a schedule of 36 hours "on" and 12 hours "off"...this time with 7 children. I now also have a B.S. in Health Education, a M.Ed. in curriculum design and am finishing a second Master's in Nursing Education...I have 15 grandchildren and am in my 60's!!! I am the Coordinator of an LPN program which I developed and teach in which allows students are able to enter the RN ADN program in the second year. Nursing is a profession of life-long learning. When/if any nurse EVER thinks he/she knows "enough" they have become an unsafe practitioner.

    The sum of all this is LOVE the profession you are choosing and ENJOY each step of the process...it's the hardest job you'll ever love!!!