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Thanks for all of your responses to all of my previous posts. As you probably assume, I'm evaluating all of my options including ADN, BSN, and Direct-Entry MSN. The direct entry programs look... Read More

  1. by   LilPeanut
    Wow, a perfect score on the writing, wtg!

    Mine are 4.5 and 2 a boy and a girl.

    What are your pre-reqs? OSU only has four: microbiology, anatomy, physiology and pharmacology.
  2. by   Jess RN
    Thanks! I was pretty shocked about the writing score!

    Pre reqs for BC are 2 soc sci courses, A&P 1 and 2, Stats, Micro, & Organic Chem. I'm taking a Psych of Gender course online for the second soc sci right now. I figured I'd wait to take Chem and Micro till I've found out if I'm in.

    MGH requires all of the above plus Nutrition, minus the soc sci classes.

    Your kids are the perfect ages IMHO- they will love pre-school/kindegarten I'm sure. I'm not worried about my older daughter- she'll be 3 when I start. But my little one will have just turned 1. I'm really on the fence about it. If I get accepted it will be a hard decision.

  3. by   LilPeanut
    We take stats and nutrition our first year (though you can take it early to get it out of the way) The social sciences I think they just assume you have that with your undergrad degree. Lord knows I did with a BA *g*
  4. by   bruinlaura
    I have had the same question, how hard to get in? It isn't like applying as a freshman where everybody knows which schools are the most selective.

    I haven't heard from any of the schools I applied to yet (i just interviewed with johns hopkins a few days ago). I had a 3.15 GPA for psychobiology, all A's in the prereqs since I graduated and 610 verbal 730 math 4 writing on my GREs. I am afraid that my GPA is going to hurt my chances. I applied to columbia, johns hopkins, seattle u, duquesne, and university of colorado. i'm holding my breath for now. Best wishes for all of you waiting with me.
  5. by   heatherp
    I am not applying until March, but I am applying to the same school I got my BA in. Sonoma State University. I had a 3.3 in Communications. I too have been a SAHM for the past 2 1/2 years. DS is 5 1/2 and DD is 2 1/2.

    The prereq's for SSU are: Human Development (took that while getting my BA), Stats, Chemistry, Physiology, Anatomy, and Microbiology. Also, you have to be a CNA. The persson doing the DE program is not a fan of the GRE, so she dropped that requirement!!! So far I have a 3.925 so far on the prereq's (the one A- is in the Human Development that I took in 1996).

    From the informational session I went to in Sept, it sounds like the essay is the main thing they look at though. They basically said that all our grades would probably be about the same, and the essay was what mattered.

    I'm very nervous because I have to do my essays while in either Anatomy or Physiology (I'll know which one next week), which are tough enough on their own w/o the worry of an application to graduate school.

  6. by   nyforlove
    At SUNY Downstate's info session in October, they encouraged early applications (even tho' the deadline is not until Feb. 1st), because, as they explained, the decisions are made on a rolling basis and they need to know which of the accepted students will in turn decide to enroll...but it's been an agonizing wait of 2 months now--perhaps this is a bad sign?--they're keeping me on hold until they see whether other stronger (accepted) candidates decide to enroll??? Don't think I was a weak candidate--3.5 Ivy undergrad and 10 years as a practicing attorney....:uhoh21:
  7. by   Jupiter
    to everyone who responded here, I jsut wanted to thank you - I applied
    and did not get in to UCSF, although I am a current graduate student w/ a 4.0 and had - if I do say so myself - great recommednations and a pretty solid essay. I now think my downfall was my GRE scores - I took the test back in '02 and got pretty average scores in the 500's...but seeing they scores of those who got into programs were much higher, I am thinking I should re-take it. Can I ask if any of you took any test prep before the GRE that you would recommend? I could use all the help I can get with that #!$! test.

    thanks and good luck everyone!
  8. by   pancake

    My friend and I were both invited for interviews at UCSF and neither one of us had stellar GRE scores, so I think your 500's are fine. What stood out about most of the finalists was their volunteer work and commitment to community service.

    I would suggest volunteering and getting really focussed and knowledgable about the specialty you're interested in. I think that will help you so much more than suffering through the GREs again.

    Good Luck!
  9. by   naggytabby
    Thank you for pointing out the community/volunteer involvement aspect. Over and over I have seen it make a difference for people when they have applied to almost any healthcare program.

    The key is, find something you enjoy and do it- preferably more than one activity. Depending on your background and experience, it may or may not have to be healthcare related.

    Good luck and please don't give up; you're obviously excited and eager to be a nurse!!
  10. by   Jess RN
    Wow, that's a really good point about volunteering. I had no idea how heavily it would be weighted in the application process. I volunteered at a hospital when I was making the decision to apply to nursing programs because I wanted a clear picture of the different roles nurses play and what thay actually do - staff nurses, nurse midwives, nurse practitioners, nurse administrators. It was a very important experience for me and really solidified my desire to go into nursing.

    I think if you are applying from a totally unrelated feild to healthcare and you don't have volunteer experience it is a harder case to make in your essays that 1) you really know what it is that nurses do and 2) you want to and think you are able to work in that role. I think if you are a non nurse but in an allied health field already (paramedic, CNA, physical therapist, etc) that volunteer experience may not be weighted as heavily.

  11. by   Jupiter
    Thanks so much for your kind words. You know I do have volunteer experience w/ adults w/ disabilites - although I did get school credit for it, so maybe it didn't count as totally "pure" anbd selfless volunteer work...
    I also work w/ nurses at my (paid) job, and have been a psychology grad student for the past 2 years, so I feel that I *do* have knowledge of my chosen specialization (Psychiatric NP).
    Just out of curiosity - those of you who did get interviews, what were your chosen spicializations? If anyone is doing Psych, would it be all right if I asked you more about it?

    I am definitely going to reapply, because deep down I know I can do this - I am finally ready to be a nurse!

    thanks again and good luck everybody - you are so supportive and caring, I know you will make great nurses! :icon_hug:
  12. by   Jess RN

    You sound like you have a great all around "profile" and are really dedicated to pursuing a career in nursing! The only thing I can think is that UCSF is a highly competitve program and that they must have had tons of really qualified candidates such as yourself. Did you apply to any other programs or is that really the only place you want to go? I debated with myself if I should apply to more schools than the two I did- but honestly, I really don't want to go anywhere but BC or MGH- and if it means waiting another year and reapplying that's what I'd rather do. Can you call UCSF and ask what you can do to strengthen your application for next year? If they won't give you any feedback, I'd sign up for the next info session they are holding and try to get some of your questions answered there instead. If you think it is likely you would score better on the GREs I'd certainly consider that. Take a few practice tests and see how you score to give you a rough idea. I have some CDs with tests on them that I'd be happy to pop in the mail to you if you like, just email me your address-
    Hang in there and don't get discouraged- you will make a great Psych NP!

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  13. by   Jess RN
    Oh- and one more thing. I don't know if UCSF is like this- but BC admits based on specialty. So if there were a ton of Psych/Mental Health specialty applicants this year it would have made it even more competitive at an already really really competitive school.

    Just one more thing to consider...