Did not get into Nursing school this fall, now what?? need help...

  1. Need help, not sure what to do here...I have 94 credits at my community college, where I was just denied acceptance into their nursing program. I already have an associate in science-Respiratory care from there. I am no sure if I should be pursuing my bachelors and then trying to get into an accelorated RN program? Or, just start taking all of my 10 year old science classes over again and try again for another associates at more schools next year?? (this year I had a time waiver). Any advice????
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  3. by   bluechick112
    Hi there,

    I'm very sorry to hear about the rejection. Trust me, I feel your pain! I got rejected from my "last choice" school for Fall 2009 a few days ago, but I'm pursuing my BSN. My Mom is a hiring nurse manager for the Dept. of Veteran's Affairs and she started out as a CNA, then went to school and got her ADN, then BSN, then her masters. Now, however, she advises everyone to go and get their BSN right away. If you have the GPA for it, you might as well go big and go for that BSN! What state are you in?
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    Hi, thanks for the reply..I am in Massachusetts. Lots of accellerated Bachelors programs, just concerned they may be competitive as well. Looking into BSN programs, or just finishing and getting a bachelors in something else and doing that accellerated program?? Not sure though, just don't want to waste time and money doing the wrong thing.
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    I'm sorry to hear about that too, but don't give up! Start looking at other options...private schools for example. I didn't want to wait for 2-3 years to get into the ASN program at a local CC. So, I started looking to see what other schools were around.

    I found one I am really excited about and all I had to do was take 2 extra pr-req classes. I had a bunch of credits sitting around from years ago (no sciences) and I am going to get into their BSN program - in January. I can't even apply yet because the list doesn't even start until July! I will have my BSN by the time I would have gotten *into* the ASN and come out farther ahead. There is a substantial increase in cost, but to not have to do a bridge program later and start working 2 years early...I can justify the cost.

    Look around outside the traditional ASN programs, I was surprised (and very happy) by what I found. Good luck to you!!!
  6. by   jreneex2
    Please tell me more about this BSN program you found! It sounds like what I am interested in. I live in Massachusetts, tha may make a difference. I currently have 94 credits at the community college I am at now. About 16 of those credits are the would be take over science credits because they are 10years or over. I would love to apply some of those towards a BSN, but am kind of lost as to how, and where to do this the best way.
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    What is a PM?? I know I should probably know what that is right????
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