critique my plan, and send some advice

  1. Background: Right now I am attending an University in a suburb of Chicago. I originally came to this school with the desire to become a DCE, director of Christian education. During first semester I realized I did not want to become a DCE and finished that semester with a low GPA. I currently am at the same university taking general classes. For a few reasons I decided I would like to become an RN.

    The plan: I have signed up for CNA classes this summer. I then plan to come back to the University I am at for a semester to retake the classes I did poorly in. The next semester I plan to work full time as a CNA. I think it would be profitable for me to work for awhile as a CNA to get a good taste of the nursing environment.

    From here I do not have a clear idea of what steps to take. Obviously attend some kind of nursing school. But BSN or ADN? If I took ADN I would become an RN and could eventually take the RN-BSN if I so desired right? Are there other roads to take? I heard through people that there are nursing schools connected to hospitals, and if I worked as an CNA while going to school the hospital would pay some of my tuition? Any information would be much appreciated.
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  3. by   Jilaweez
    Hi mattelstudent,
    I am also living in a burb outside of Chicago. I think your plan sounds good. It seems like you have really put some thought into your decision. You should definately contact the colleges you are interested in to see what their requirements are as far as pre-req's (and check if the pre-req's have pre-req's). The next step should be working on those pre-req's so you can apply into a nursing school. Whether or not you go for an ADN or BSN degree right off the bat is up to you. You are right, you can continue on for your BSN later. Some people apply to both types of programs so they have more options. I work in a hospital and they will reimburse my tuition for any healthcare related classes, and it doesn't matter what job title you have.
    Best wishes