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I know, it's on almost everyone's mind. We want to learn, we want to learn well, but we also need those GRADES. How competitive are nursing schools in your area? Do you obsess over your GPA? I've... Read More

  1. by   SeekingNur
    Good points LandShark. I'm applying to BSN programs. My programs all require 61 units of pre-reqs. They are

    Anat and Phys I
    Anat and Phys II
    College Chemistry
    Microbiology (which has a pre-req of basic biology)
    English Lit
    English I
    English II
    U.S. History I
    U.S. History II
    U.S. Gov't
    State Gov't
    General Psychology
    Human Growth and Development
    Fine Arts elective
    Cross/Muliticultural elective (I chose cultural anthropology)
    Mass Communications

    I will also apply to the ADN program as my back-up plan and if I do, I will also have to take pharmacology.
    I think I got 'em all. My GPA is 3.9, but I only have about 30credits I'm shooting for a 3.8 since that Anat and Phys I class blew my 4.0 . I think only one person got out of that class with an A.
  2. by   student4ever
    The school I'm going to requires:
    High school Chemistry, Biology, and Algebra

    English 111 and 112
    A&P 1&2
    Computer Concepts
    PSY 230 (developmental psych, human lifespan development)
    SOC 215 (Sociology of the family)
    PHI 225 (Ethics)
    Chemistry 101/102
    Elementary Statistics or Calculus
  3. by   SchoolRN,BSN
    Quote from sunnyjohn
    Heather are you applying to Purdue Calumet or Purdue North Central?


    I'm actually applying to IU Kokomo for their BSN program. (I think... I'm having trouble making up my mind between ASN & BSN )

    Are you in Indiana?

  4. by   missninaRN
    The school I am applying to only requires 12 hours of prereqs be taken before nursing school. However, due to the heavy course load, they do reccommend that all prereqs and co-reqs be taken before beginning the nursing program:

    Freshman English Comp I and II
    American History I
    American Government I
    Pscyhology I
    Sociology I
    Biology I
    Physical Activity (2 hours)
    Anatomy and Physiology
    Intermediate Algebra I (or competency based on placement testing)

    I will apply in late February, so the only classes affecting my GPA at that time will be the ones I am taking this semester (pscyh, bio, and sociology, and I clepped out of English Comp I to get the 12 hours of credit).