College of the Canyons Fall 2018

  1. Hi, I just wanted to start this topic to see if anyone else has applied to the COC Nursing Program for Fall 2018? I would like to meet people and chat about the process.
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  3. by   Madie1216
    Hello! I just submitted my application yesterday...I'm so excited and nervous!! What are your stats like?
  4. by   Shawda06
    Hi, I am still waiting for my email for my transcript review so I can apply. Do you get an email stating you where cleared to apply?
  5. by   Madie1216
    Ya I got the okay in January, I submitted the prerequisite evaluation in early December
  6. by   jawrn123
    Hi! I just applied yesterday as well. Hoping the next few weeks goes by fast! Super nervous and excited.
  7. by   Madie1216
    I know...the wait is killing me! Have you taken the teas yet? I hope I get an invite
  8. by   jawrn123
    Yes! I took it in November, got an 86%, hoping thats good enough
  9. by   Shawda06
    I have applied and I take my TEAS in a couple weeks. Have you guys applied to any other colleges??
  10. by   JamesW031
    Hey! I'm waiting on the pre req evaluation to do the application, but I've already taken my TEAS and got an 82. I asked how many points on the multi screening criteria sheet got previous classes in and she said 65 and I'm just barely over so I'm crossing my fingers!
  11. by   Shawda06
    I talked to her on Friday she said she had over 200 submitted for the pre-req eval and hopefully she would get the rest of the emails sent out this week. Hopefully you get your email soon!
  12. by   Madie1216
    You guys are lucky you have the teas over with...I'm hoping I do well on it! This is the only college I've applied to so I'm hoping I get in
  13. by   Shawda06
    When do you take your TEAS Madie1216 or are you waiting to take it with COC?
  14. by   Madie1216
    I'm hoping I get invited to take it at coc, I haven't taken it yet...I heard that it focuses more on anatomy and physiology, have you taken it?