college advice!?

  1. hello!
    i was woundering if anyone went or knows people that went to the following colleges:

    Umass amherst
    northeastern university
    quinnipiac university
    fitchburg state college
    salem state university
    boston college
    (colleges i am looking at going to for a major in nursing for undergrad)
    i was hoping to get more insight on these colleges. If you know anything about one of the colleges listed let me know. any info. would be good!

    thank you for your time!
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  3. by   strawberryluv
    Nope. I got a cheap state school. Why go to a big shot university if I can get the same education at a cheaper price. :]
  4. by   LetLive
    I know someone at Northeastern. She is a nursing major, and really is enjoying it as far as I know.
  5. by   dyslexicandetermined
    thank you!
    does anyone know a details of these colleges?
  6. by   sas92
    Hi! I am a sophomore in Quinnipiac's nursing program, and I love it here. unfortunately, i have to transfer because I am just realizing how expensive it is...and since I live in Mass, I am also realizing that I would rather to go a school close to Boston so I can work at a hospital in Boston.
    So if I had any advice for you, it would be go to a school that you/your family can afford without trouble and one that is near where you live/want to work. I am hoping to transfer to Salem State if i get in because they have a good program and its near Boston.
    If you get into Umass Amherst's program, UPenn, Northeastern, or BC, I would suggest go to one of those definitely! Those are amazing schools and have some of the best nursing programs in the country pretty much. I know someone who goes to Northeastern and BC and they love it. Northeastern is awesome because they get to do co-op, but you go to school an extra year. when you do co-op at the best hospitals in boston, you will most likely get a job at one of them when you graduate.
    Other than those schools, which are worth the money, I would go to a state school over quinnipiac especially if you live in mass. I thought about applying to Fitchburg but didn't like the area, so i chose Salem.
    Sorry that was so long but hope it helped!
  7. by   crackle
    I am applying to most of those schools. There is a big discrepancy between UPENN and FSU and Salem State, I wouldn't apply to Penn unless you're sure you really have a shot. It's an ivy.
  8. by   dyslexicandetermined
    Thanks for your advice! I am now just looking at colleges in mass. But I still am thinking about applying to PENN. Any other advce would be great!