Coastal Alabama Community College Nursing Program Fall 2017

  1. Hello! I was wondering if there was anyone applying to the Nursing program at CACC for the 2017 Fall term. I am curious to know how many points you have. FYI I have submitted my application for the Brewton campus.

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  3. by   Still Standing
    I haven't heard from anyone about the cut off on points. I also applied for the Fall 2017-Mobility Program, have you received a letter yet this is going on the 4th week?
  4. by   CheleyChoo
    I've applied at the last minute. Haven't heard anything. I selected each campus with fairhope being 1st choice.
  5. by   Kmh5021
    I've heard that they rack and stack everyone based on their points. Whichever amount the 80th person (or how many they're accepting) has, that's the cut off.

    I think I have about 41 points.

    I haven't received a letter yet. I'm really hoping they send them out later this week!
  6. by   CACCRN26
    I've registered for the Fairhope campus along with the other optional campuses and patiently waiting on the acceptance letter #week4
  7. by   Still Standing
    Nothing in the mail for me yet
  8. by   Kmh5021
    Nothing for me either! I live in Florida, so Idk if I'll get mine the same day as everyone else.
  9. by   Still Standing
    Still nothing!
  10. by   Still Standing
    Just got my acceptance letter today!!!!!!
  11. by   Kmh5021
    Congratulations! I'm still waiting on a letter. I'm hoping something comes tomorrow!
  12. by   CACCRN26
    I received mines today !!!!!!
  13. by   Darya21
    I live in Florida too and applied for the Brewton Campus as my first choice and fairhope being the second. I still have not received anything in the mail yet.
  14. by   Kmh5021
    Fingers crossed something comes tomorrow! I'm taking no news as good news lol.
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