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  1. Hello, Ive written a couple times before about starting pre-reqs this summer, and i have some good things to share.

    I was worried about placing into the math class that i needed too since it has been so long since ive done any kind of algebra stuff but they told me that i didnt need to take a placement test based on my transcript YAY:hatparty:

    Also, I saw an ad for a nursing home with a free CNA 5 wk program (and i will actually get certified when i am done, not just able to work for them) so i decided to apply for it, i figured that any experiance is good experiance, right? Well I GOT ACCEPTED. I cant believe it, I have no nursing type experiance at all, and there seemed to be so many other who had experiance or were currently in nursing school, but anyhow i guess i am on my way..... gulp! I will be able to work around my school hours and they offer great tuition reimbursment too.

    I just want to share since no one at my cushy easy great hours but crappy pay bank job or my family understand why on earth i want to do this, they all think i have momentarily lost my mind.

    hee hee hee I AM SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!

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  3. by   S.N. Visit
    I'm excited for you too! Congratulations
  4. by   AKAKatydid
    Congratulations Megan!

    I just finished my CNA program, and started my first semester at nursing school. I have to tell you, I am SO thankful that I had the CNA training. Having already gotten some clinical experience under my the belt makes first clinicals a LOT less intimidating. (You are very lucky that they are offering tuition reimbursement! It's rare to find a gem like that, so hold onto it tightly!!)

    I expressed concern with one of my teachers about my problems in math. (I failed remedial algebra way back my first time in college, and now almost 10 years later, those skills have NOT improved ... LOL). Don't hesitate to ask for help if you get lost... you'd might be suprised where help comes! My CNA teach said that I might run into a few problems with drug calculations, but no worries, and offered to help when I get to Pharmacology class. I don't know about at your school, but it seems at mine the teachers are all very open and willing to help so long as you actually SHOW interest.

    Best of luck to you... I know you'll do well!
  5. by   oregonrene
    Congratulations Megan, I'm excited for you! :hatparty: