CLEP test for Human Growth & Development

  1. Has anyone taken the CLEP test recently for Human Growth & Development? I am reading very mixed reviews on the internet for the REA CLEP study guide for this test. I used just the REA CLEP study guide for the General Psychology CLEP test and passed. I figured this time I would go to the library and get out a book on Human Growth and Development as an additional study aid. Should I buy the REA CLEP Study guide or just look for other resources? Thanks!
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  3. by   runningredsfan
    I just took the test last month and I used the REA Study Guide. I studied the guide over and over for 2 weeks and ended up with a 73 on the test. So I would recommend it. The only other source I used was info on Wikipedia. I found that to be really helpful in filling in the gaps left in the REA guide. Concentrate on Piaget A LOT, it seemed half the questions were based on his stuff. Good luck!