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  1. Hello all...I'm new to this forum and I'm looking for a little advice as I'm choosing what school I go to:
    I live in NJ and recently withdrew from a school in Pennsylvania where I spent a year as a music education student. I decided that I really wanted to go into nursing which was always in the back of my mind. I'm 20, and it was a lot harder to find a program than I expected. I wanted a direct BSN program that I could commute to from where I live. I applied in early February and was surprised to find out that many schools were already closed to new applicants in their nursing program. I ended up applying to only two schools, because I'm off this semester and I don't want to wait any longer to start.
    Yesterday I received my first acceptance letter from Bloomfield College. I'm waiting to hear from Seton Hall University. Seton Hall has an expensive tuition, and my family income doesn't allow me to apply for financial aid. My parents would like me to go to Bloomfield because of this.
    The thing for me is, I don't want to rush my education, but I would like to try and graduate in four years if possible, which it sounds like it is. My concern is the way that Bloomfield's program is set-up. I would spend my first year completing my pre-reqs and some of the general educations requirements...but I am considered a pre-nursing major. Once I finish the 6 pre-reqs I take an entrance exam. Even if I pass I'm not guaranteed a spot as a nursing major and supposedly there could be a waiting list. In my acceptance letter it said I would meet with the pre-nursing counselor person and he would talk to me about availability and such.
    From the sound of Seton Hall's program, this is not the case and the gen-ed courses seem to incorporated into the curriculum and nursing classes are started in the first semester. To be honest, that sounds more appealing to me.
    The way my dad sees it is that no matter where I go I will come out with the same degree and he doesn't believe that when it comes to nursing, where you go really makes a difference. I don't have a problem going to Bloomfield, but I'm afraid of the possibility of having to wait to actually become a nursing major and have my education take more time than it needs to.
    I'm more than willing and ready to do the work...I graduated HS with honors and my year at my other college I came out with 3.8 GPA. I just want to do this...
    Thank you in advance for any advice. I'm really excited to see that this is finally starting to happen for me. :roll
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  3. by   GottaGetIn
    I think I would choose Seton Hall as well. You're right. You never know if you'll get accepted to the other schools program right away...even if you have all your gen ed's done. If you have an acceptance to a nursing program now, I'd take it!

    Good Luck!
  4. by   NurseJeanB
    Hello, many of us our pre nursing students and are working through the prerequisites. They are a bear and we are also finding that every school we are applying to is impacted and some have waiting lists. So a lot of times it is determined by what school you can get into. One thing you may want to do is ask the hospital you are hoping to work at where they hire from and if either school has a better reputation. Also some hospitals are so desperate for nurses they have programs that will pay for your schooling if you sign a contract that once you graduate you will work so many years. I know some of the hospitals in California have arrangements with some of the schools that they hire nurses from. This may be different in NJ but it is worth a shot. Anyway best of luck to you. I hope you get into both.