Choosing a Program

  1. Anyone have tips or advice to help me choose between two or three ASN programs? I currently have a 4.0 and will be ready to apply after these fall classes are over. I'm pretty confident that I will be able to choose between the 2 schools I am considering (and might apply at a 3rd to be safe). I'm just not sure how to tell which program is better.
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  3. by   LMRN10
    Hmmmm...not sure!! Maybe you can find out how they help you...maybe they offer some sort of assistance in finding a job afterwards. Maybe ask what the average student graduates with (as far as grades), maybe what the average students test grades are for the NLN exam. Stuff like that?
  4. by   JaxiaKiley
    I would def try to find out about the NCLEX pass rates. Try to talk to students at both schools to get a feel for things. Good luck!