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  1. Just thought I would check in and see how everyone is doing. I haven't been on much because I am all caught up in school...where did the summer go? Took the hesi a few weeks ago, and applied for the first time. Will hear back in November...keep your fingers crossed. Have an oral presentation for End of life issue's in a week, a major chem test on Thursday, and a Patho test next week. It's certainly the middle of the semester LOL.
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  3. by   jla623
    I haven't taken End of Life Issues yet. Is it hard? I wanted to take it during the summer, but they told me that the class got cancelled or something! Boo!

    I'm taking Spanish for Medical Personnel and I hate it! I haven't even taken a test yet in the class so I have NO clue how I am doing.
  4. by   coolpeach
    I am not sure what I think about End of Life yet. Its a strange class!!! It says its an hour and half class and an hour and a half lab, but its really just a really long 3 hour lecture. There is a lot of writing involved. We have written our own obituary, and a long report on all of our death experience. We have to do 2 journal entries a week, and write a report on a cemetary, and a reflective report. In addition we have to do a 20 minute oral report, and take two tests. The tests had the strangest question over stuff we never covered in lecture, but I made an A so I am not complaining.
  5. by   jla623
    So you wouldn't consider it a difficult class then? Just strange?? haha. I have been trying to take that class for about a year now, but the classes are always in the middle of the day and I have to take evening and online classes. I guess I will just wait!

    I am not sure if you are taking Patho online, but I did and it was SO easy. It was actually through El Centro, but I took it during the summer and was pleasantly surprised.

    25 more days!!!!