Cheapest CPR class in Broward and Dade County

  1. SO far I think Nova was on $50, any other suggestions..
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  3. by   brittany_micah
    I'm not in or around Broward or Dade Co, but I know sometimes firefighters are certified to teach the class. That is how I got mine and it was only like $30. My husband and I took it together, so it was nice to the have individual attn if I needed help with something.
  4. by   on eagles wings
    Jam911, do you go to MDC? Do you need to take the CPR class as a pre-req? I have seen CPR events up on the Baptist Health website, maybe you can check there to see if they give certifications. :-)
  5. by   jam911
    Baptist health is down south in Kendall, to far for me, I know that the colleges offer the BLS but its so expensive there.. I know i need the health core, and i hear that CPR is part of it too.. but I have all my other certifications except CPR, ao i wonder what else will be done in that class
  6. by   on eagles wings
    Oh... hm, maybe you could call them??