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    Mr. Fred Jones is an 84-year-oldretired tradesman who lives in a long-term care facility, where you work as apersonal support worker. Mr. Jones suffered a stroke 10 years ago, which hasimpaired his mobility and ability to care for himself. As a result of hisstroke, Mr. Jones requires supervision with ambulation and requires a walker.

    Mr. Jones receives frequent visitsfrom his children and grandchildren. In general, Mr. Jones is a very happyindividual and enjoys his surroundings.

    Mr. Jones also wears glasses andbilateral hearing aids. He has both upper and lower dentures, which areill-fitting.

    When you return to work, three dayslater, you notice that Mr. Jones is short of breath on exertion and isexpectorating thick yellow sputum. He is also confused. Since Mr. Jones has aproductive cough, he has been placed on Droplet Precautions and is now isolatedto his room. Mr. Jones questions you as to why he cannot leave his room.

    Based on the above scenario, create anursing care plan for Mr. Jones. Identify one (1) actual problem and two (2)potential problems.
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    What do you think?

    Folk here will help you but you need to start your assignment first.
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    That's the problem i don't know how to start. I am not a nursing student. I am psw student
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    What is a psw? Social work?