can anyone relate???????

  1. can anyone relate???????


    I have applied again and got into an LPN program, the first time in 2005, I had to forfeit my seat right before school began due to family issues. That class is now graduating , and I managed to get acccepted again for the class of ' first day is the 23rd. I should be off the hook with excitement and happiness, but .. why I am experiencing soo much anxiety???and second guessing is it really normal??

    I feel like I "don't know what i'm getting myself into"... I read alot of posts here on allnurses and can tell you I shouldn't , I do not have any medical related experience, but read how "stressful" and how LPN's are being phased out, I do know my state does not employ them in hospitals any longer, & I have at this moment NO interest whatsoever in ltc, or nursing homes.
    I am interested in Physician office jobs, and want to know if going to school to become an LPN with such limited experience and/ desires makes me as lousy of a nursing candidate as I feel. and has any one else EVER felt this way prior to school , and found interest in things they previously didn't??
    thanks ladies (and men)
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  3. by   DesertRain
    Congratulations on getting accepted into the program-twice! For starters, some people are still waiting to get accepted into the LPN programs. And don't worry so much about the jobs being phased out. There are so many LPN-RN bridge programs out there that you can still become an RN and leave the LTC environment. Sometimes we have to make sacrifices (ie. working in LTC) to get to where we really wanna be, just remember that it's a stepping stone and most of all it's temporary. I have never worked in the medical field aside from voluteering for a nursing home in the 10th grade...but that was years ago. Most of the people I am in school with have never been in the health industry....and some have. Don't compare yourself to what people know, how people feel because to each his own, right? Anxiety is normal and I bet you will be just fine. I have a friend that's an LPN and works at a short-term drug rehabilitation center with people pt's his age who are fully self competent so LPN doesn't always have to equal nursing home. There are still many options for you. I wish you the best and don't give up if it's your dream.