Cadaver dissection videos

  1. For those of you in A&P, this might be helpful Tracy
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  3. by   CapeCoralNurse2be
    Very educational, thank you.

    Did you notice though that the professor was not wearing gloves! Ewwww. Close up shots revealing body tissue getting under his finger nails...ewww ewwww...!
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  4. by   Achoo!
    LOL really? I didn't go through all of them but found some to be helpful
  5. by   CapeCoralNurse2be
    Yes, I couldn't believe it. I clicked on the very top video, and there's a section where they are showing a close up and there is little chunks of adipose tissue stuck to his fingernails....ewwww.

    Some of the videos at the bottom have him wearing gloves, like the brain video for instance. Weird.

    I'm taking A&P in January so I'm sure I will utilize these videos...thanks again!
  6. by   Achoo!
    You're welcome!! Good luck!