BSN Samuel Merritt waiting list

  1. I got a letter few weeks ago stating that i am on the waiting list for Fall 07. Is anybody else in the same shoes?
    Do you know what are the chances to get in?
    What is the average admitted from the waiting list for Fall?
    How many spots total in the program?
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  3. by   Ambition13
    Wow. I would've never guess that school would have a wait list since they are so expensive. Anyway, apply to every school in your surrounding area. Most bay area schools have a wait list, lottery system, etc., etc. You have to compete with about 500 applicants. Try contacting the Director of the program and find out exactly how many is on the wait list and what are your chances. Good luck! Hopefully Samuel Merritt will call you back. It's has a very good reputation.
  4. by   rockybeanz
    HI there, i too got a letter from SMC for the FAll 07 in SF. I am on the waitlist too, unfortunately my number is pretty much on the bottom of th elist. I spoke to someone from SMC and chances are very unclear. During the summer, some of the people who accepted their offer, ended up declining right before the semester started. so i guess we'll just have to wait it out.
    Private message me and we can exchange information if you want.
    Im sure you want to start your career asap as i am very anxious as well.

  5. by   bluechick112
    I got a letter in the mail stating I was #11 on the waitlist (out of 27) for fall 2009 entry (BSN program) at SMU.

    I got an email about 2 months ago stating I'm #1 on the waitlist. So here I sit. Waiting to see if anyone who already accepted their spot in the program for fall 09 decides to drop out and thus give me their spot.

    It's the most nerve-racking thing. I wonder if either of you made it in? Rockypooh, did you end up getting in? If not, did you roll your application over? How did that process work? Do you maintain your spot on the waitlist that you held for fall or is it like re-applying brand new all over again?
  6. by   rockybeanz
    Hi they called me a week before class started and said they had a spot open for me in the sf cohort.
    Unfortunately I had not completed my self paced patho class yet, so they were nice enough to roll me over to the campus I wanted as first choice which was San Mateo. They just rolled me over as being accepted for the spring absn in San mateo. I did not have to reapply nor was I on the waitlist anymore.
    There might be a good chance that if you're number 1 on the waitlist that even as close to a day before class starts they might call you with an opening. For my class someone was called the second day of class to join since some people who were accepted were unable to provide transcripts to verify they had completed a prerequisite.
    Good luck and hope everything works out for you.
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  7. by   bluechick112
    Thanks, that's really great information. Actually, I e-mailed the school asking if they'd accept people after the semester began (you know, within the first week or so in case some people didn't show up) and she said that they will NOT be filling the class after the Aug 31st start date, even if someone drops out or doesn't show.

    I'm really hoping for that miracle call a week before class (or sooner.....!!). I'd take it. Until then, my community college starts on the 17th of August so I'll have to plan to take some classes there just incase I don't get in to the BSN program.