BSN application essay questions

  1. Hi everyone!

    I posted in this forum b/c this topic seems to fit here but I hope to get some input from those who are a bit more seasoned in the nursing world as well!

    I searched the archives for threads on this topic but nothing quite answered my specific questions.

    Sorry to beat a dead horse ......

    The schools I am applying to have multiple questions to answer (not pick one or two) They are also very straight forward questions which almost seem to duplicate each other , for example:
    1/ why do you want to be a nurse
    2/ what life experiences have led you towards the nursing field
    3/ what academic challenges have you faced

    and so on....

    My questions:

    should I number my responses and just answer the questions?
    that seems so lame . I wanted to be all creative and prolific but maybe that is not for nursing school applications

    May I write an essay and incorporate all the answers in the same orderthey are asked, but without the question/answer format?

    Is it appropriate to bring up my family - I would not want to refer to my boyfriend as my "baby's daddy", "boyfriend" or anything that I actually do refer to him as IRL. Using the word partner does not work for me and I certainly would not refer to him as my husband. IRL I don't care what people think as far as the fact that we are not hitched but I feel like I need to be so conservative in expressing myself on the application.
    HELP !

    Thanks for any advice!
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    I answered similar questions in my essay. I just wrote a story about a previous job and related it to an episode of ER and creatively fit in the answers to those questions. I didn't number them or anythin. I got in, so they must have liked it
  5. by   S.T.A.C.E.Y
    I'd think since the questions are so straightforward, maybe they are looking for a straightforward answer. If you answer the questions in essay form they'll have to look for the answers, whereas if you clump them together they can find what they are looking for. I'd still keep in it full sentence/paragraph form, not point form. I'm not sure if the people reviewing your app would actually read an entire essay right through, but if they are just scanning for the important points, it'll make it easier for them to find if they are seperated question, by question.

    Don't bring up your family unless its relevant to the answers. As for the boyfriend, baby's daddy thing, maybe using the words 'partner' or 'signficant other' would work?
  6. by   chicagrl72
    thanks for the input !

    one for each side - hmmmm what to do ? i wish i could stop ruminating over these dang questions

    BTW the only reason I would bring up my family is to describe our challenging schedule regarding school/ work/ family and how we manage to keep it all together and basically still love each other (stated more eloquently of course) ha ha ha
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    Hmm...since they numbered the questions, I'd number my answers. Guess if they don't specify length, I'd write a mini-essay for each.

    I like #3. .... really.
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    Is it an essay or several short answers? If it is an essay I would answer all of them together, where my response illustrates my ability to write well and be creative. If they are short answers, then I would write a few paragraphs for each separately displaying my ability to write well and be succinct.

    Essays are not short answers and short answers are not essays. Be sure to follow directions. Good luck.
  10. by   chicagrl72
    "please respond to each of the following....
    Your responses should not exceed more that 4 pages"

    that is the exact wording

    does that means short answer?
  11. by   shock-me-sane
    because it says responses, i would go with short answers.
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    Quote from shock-me-sane
    because it says responses, i would go with short answers.

    this is weird - in the e mail I received regarding your post, it said that this was your response :

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    to me that sounds like write an essay making sure to hit on the
    following points.
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    I would think either way (essay form or short paragraphs answering each individual questions separately) would be fine since it is not indicated EXACTLY which they prefer. It appears their only requirement is not to exceed 4 pages.

    I personally would answer the questions in an essay format. The admissions committee is looking to see how you reply to each question, but they also want to analyze your writing skills. Responding to the questions in an essay format will allow you to show your creativity and writing ability. Afterall, doesn't nursing school involve an enourmous amount of writing?

    I had four questions to answer on my grad school application. The requirement was to "respond to the following questions". There was no page limit. I responded in essay format, incorporating all the questions. I began with an "eye-catching" intro and closed with something for them to consider. I received an invitation to the formal interview session, so I must have done something correctly!

    The key is to set yourself apart from all the other applicants! The admissions committee reads so many of these so you need to stand out!

    If you want to read mine, email me at I know it is a bit different since mine is for grad school, but it will give you some ideas.
  14. by   Pompom
    I find that the BSN program requires a lot of papers to be written in APA format. That said, I think they are evaluating the quality of your writing in addition to the answers. Start with an introductory paragraph, answer the questions in paragraph form explaining your answers and summarize in a conclusion paragraph.