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Okay, I am ready to invest in a good book/work bag that will be able to get me through school and that I can use for work also. I have a LLBean boat tote, but it just isn't working for me (it has... Read More

  1. by   jbjints
    I just bought a roller myself from TJ Maxx. Tomorrow will actually be the first time that I will be using. Working for a plumbing company at the moment. I am abit worried about the abuse I may get from the people I work with but I really do not care. Instead of taking two bags to work it will now be one roller. The bag is semi big but it helps keep me organized. I bought a Delsey they have nice bags.
  2. by   BSNtobe2009
    A good bookbag that won't break your back is going to cost you around $40 to $50. You need to get the ones that have the additional padding and the double back straps...nursing books are very heavy, so you will need this support. I know that LL Bean has some good ones but college bookstores tend to carry the higher-end bookbags.

    Tote-style bags concentrate the weight on one shoulder and that will start causing you back pain if you keep using it with heavy books.