Black and red 'Report Post' icon? Anyone?

  1. Question, Pre-Nursing Student Forum Readers:

    Are you familiar with the red triangle (that has the black exclamation mark inside it) near the lower left corner of each post? The one that says 'Report Post' when you roll your cursor over it? If not, man, have you been missing out on some fun! Delay no further! Acquaint yourself with this icon today!

    In all seriousness, folks, just a quick reminder of something that is addressed in our site's Terms of Service. If you are reading a thread and you feel that a particular post offers a personal attack rather than friendly debate, do NOT respond to that post. Click on the 'Report Post' icon so that the objectionable content can be viewed, discussed, and acted upon by our team of moderators and administrators. That's why they pay us the big bucks.

    Please don't misunderstand where I'm going with this: This is one of the most amazing forums on the site. I have tremendous respect for the people who participate here. You guys are all working toward the very difficult, highly competitive goal of admission to nursing school, yet 99% of the time you work together in truly admirable fashion. With the sheer number of posts that come through daily, it is amazing that we don't have to intervene more often.

    Lately, we've just seen a few threads where the sparks have flown a little bit. I'm chalking that up to final exam time and I don't doubt that it will pass. In the meantime, please keep in mind that it's much easier for us to fix one bad post than it is to clean up a flamefest.

    Good luck as you guys conclude your spring semesters. Keep up the good work. Just remember - when smoke starts coming out of your ears, report instead of responding.

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