Bishop State Community College Fall 2017 Nursing

  1. Has anyone received their acceptance letter for the Nursing Program at Bishop for Fall 2017 ? This is the 4th week within deadline.
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  3. by   nursecandy2019
    Hey! I received my acceptance to Bishop today! I don't know if I am interested in attending anymore, so I might decline since I was accepted to a 4 year instead.
  4. by   CACCRN26
    I still haven't received anything ! They have had problem with "time" since I've registered there, Ugh !
  5. by   CACCRN26
    I didn't get into Bishop, do to unavailability of space, but was accepted to Coastal Alabama CC.
  6. by   leslie21
    Did you
    apply to both at the same time?
  7. by   CACCRN26
    Yes ma'am, I did.
  8. by   leslie21
    Thanks for your response! Did you have to attend Coastal to get accepted and take the ACT?
  9. by   CACCRN26
    As long as you have turned in all of your registration forms and have been accepted, you can apply to any college for nursing even if you haven't enrolled in any classes there.
  10. by   leslie21
    Thanks for help!!
  11. by   CACCRN26
    You're welcome !
  12. by   Lbuckle1
    How many points did everyone have?! I'm trying to see what my chances are for spring semester!!
  13. by   Lbuckle1
    How many points did you have?! Congrats!!
  14. by   Niki_B
    Hi Lbuckle1 - did you end up applying to Coastal for this Spring 2018? I will be starting on the Brewton campus.