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Howdy all, I'll be posting this in the pre-student nursing forum too, but if anyone is just starting school, or not yet "in" and you are in texas, I suggest you seek out your school advisor and ask... Read More

  1. by   pinkynbd_99
    I know that when you look at the passing rates at the BON website of texas, you will see in parentesis the number of students that sat for the test and the number that passed, and you'll find that some have only 10 or just 2 sitting for that NCLEX and pass and so have a 99% passing rate.

    I was in another NS program in Miami, FL and I failed out of it b/c it really comes down to who REALLY is commited to the program. I think that you REALLY need to have a good foundation in A&P, Micro, etc. That's what I had to do, I repeated mostly all my classes and took my pre-reqs for my BSN as well. And now I really feel BETTER prepared for NS.
    But I really think that a school that accepts less than 50 students, should have a retention rate of aleast 90%.
    The larger schools, like Lonestar-NH in houston, last year admitted 100 and now in their 3rd semester have only 61 students! That's sad! But I think that they expect that the students down the list are going to fail...I know my NS in Miami told us in orientation, we were 160, that half of us wouldn't make it!
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