Best Backpack?

  1. Ok... I've accepted the idea that I probably will need a rolling backpack for nursing school. I've been looking online but wondering what brands others have used and know to hold up for all those books?

    Also... any other items I should consider buying now before school starts?
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  3. by   hurricanekat
    I just bought a rolling bag I love. There are other places that have it cheaper... and it seems that there are other brands very similar. What I like about this bag is that it has clear pockets and the clear pocket in the front is attached. It may not hold up to the test of time if I'm rough - but the pocket seems to be sewn in well. It has side pockets, a pocket in the back and 3 separate pockets in the front (in addition to the 3 inside). I absolutely love it. Again - since I just got it I don't know how it will hold up - but its made it through the first day of class for me. Its a pain to carry across grass and up stairs though because it doesn't have backpack type straps but again - totally worth it for me. | Lily Bloom Under The Seat Bag (Furry Friends) | Carry-Ons