Besides the degree, what is the biggest difference between LPNs and RNs?

  1. Hi guys, I am just wondering what the biggest differences are between LPNs and RNs? I know that the level of education is obviously different. But day to day differences. I have heard(though I am not sure that it is true) that LPNs were not allowed to start IVs in someplaces and things like that. I am currently starting all my pre-reqs for the LPN program, and eventually after practicing as an LPN for a while (god willing) I would like to go for my RN, I am just kinda wondering what to expect. Any info would be greatly appreciated.
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  3. by   nurseangel47
    Contact the state board of nursing in your particular state. Also, even tho' slightly against policies of the board, SOME (slack?) facilities MAY utilize LPNs in more RN roles due to bottom line cutbacks. Not necessarily safe or sane due to state walkins/walkthrus, but hey, they might not be "caught" and if it saves an almighty dollar, they'll squeak by with more LPNs than RNs if they can. I am speaking more about LTC and SNF units than any other. Hospitals DO follow state board of nursing regs to the letter when it comes to walking the straight and narrow more than the other facilities I just posed.
    The biggest diff. between LPNs and RNs: IV push meds., blood product administration, perhaps others depending on the facility.
  4. by   DesertRain
    This question confuses me as well. I Know at my CC there is no time difference to finish your RN vs LPN--it still takes 4 semesters long. I know the acceptance is also more or less as competitive to get in. Of close to 1000 applicants for the RN program they only choose 124 say for fall and although I'm not sure how many applicants there are for LPN they only choose 24 (so it says on the school website) for fall. So I get confused as to why at my CC the LPN program is even an alternative. Also a local nurse told me I should go for LPN first--was this because people believe that it is easier to become an LPN first or is it because of the experience because I have also heard that there isn't much of a job market in my area for an LPN. Very confusing.
  5. by   jdh822
    I know that there is a huge difference at our cc between LPN and RN. Here there is no diploma program for RN, you have to get your ADN. I believe it is an additional 2 semesters. Here you HAVE to get your LPN before you can even think of enrolling in the ADN program. I also hear the same thing about there not being as much demand for LPNs as RNs, though I talked with someone over at the visiting nurses and they told me they would most likely hire me fresh out of school when I graduate....which won't be until 2010, so I have to assume that there is at least some demand.