Bellevue College Winter 2018

  1. Hey there!
    I wanted to start a thread for those of us applying to the winter 2018 cohort.
    With 10 points, an overall GPA of 3.8, and a TEAS score of 91.3% I applied for the fall 2017 cohort and got waitlisted. I'm currently number 13 on the waitlist and it is unlikely that I'll get accepted in to the fall program, so I've also applied for the winter 2018 program.
    I emailed the program manager today and she said that there were 120 applicants for winter, but they're still sorting through all of the applications to see if everyone has a "viable application." She also mentioned that she hopes to have everyone notified of their status for winter by the end of August.
    Keeping my fingers crossed!
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  3. by   taylorh03
    Hi! Just found this thread. I am also applying for winter quarter, I have 11 points on my application. I heard that the fall points were pretty high, I am hoping that we both get in!
  4. by   m.bonifant
    Fingers crossed for the both of us! Getting close to the end of August. I'm starting to get a little anxious!
  5. by   taylorh03
    Do you know how they notify?
  6. by   m.bonifant
    People who get accepted right away get emails sent to their BC email and they also get a letter mailed. Those who made the waitlist or who did not make it at all just get a letter mailed to them.
  7. by   taylorh03
    Do you have to set up a Bellevue college email or do you just have one?
  8. by   m.bonifant
    That's a good question. It's been so long since I set mine up I don't quite remember. I think you have to set one up with your student ID, then your email is generated for you.
    Looks like if you go on the BC website, click "Online Services", then under "Student Accounts" it shows "Create Your BC Email Account."
    Hope that helps!
  9. by   taylorh03
    Thank you so much! Do you know how many waitlist people they added in from fall if any at all?
  10. by   m.bonifant
    From what I understand it is considered a completely new application period. So those on the fall waitlist aren't automatically added to the winter cohort. We could, however, ask to have our application from fall considered for winter without having to complete a whole new application. I think the fall waitlist closes on August 31st and at that point the fall cohort is pretty much set in stone.
  11. by   taylorh03
    Oh I see. Do you know how many people, if any at all, got into the fall cohort off of the waitlist? Did you move up from 13th on the waitlist at all?
  12. by   m.bonifant
    I went to an advising session at the end of June and they said about 5-10 people off the waitlist usually get in. It all depends on how many people accepted placement at other schools or just decided not to go to BC.
  13. by   taylorh03
    Awesome thanks (:
  14. by   TiffanyS824
    Has anyone received news yet? I was wait listed for fall, and I asked my application to be rolled over to winter. No email, no letter. I fear the delay in my notification proves to be a grim sign.
    Best of luck to all who get/got in! I needed to raise my 84% TEAS score I think, to become a more competitive applicant, particularly because I have minimal work experience as an NAC. High GPAs seem to come easy to those applying for this program! Congrats to all you motivated people for making it this far! best of luck in your endeavors.