Beginning to feel stupid

  1. Those of you who took the TEAS test did you not meet the qualifications the first time around? I got almost a B, but didn't get into the percentile of which the school wanted me to. So I have to retake it and I don't think they will take me till next year now. I was going to just give up, but I come a little way already and this is what I really want to do.

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  3. by   mammaoftwo
    Sorry you didn't pass. However, it's great that you are going to try again. You are not stupid - I didn't pass the math portion of the Compass test, so I studied for over a year and brought my math up from 28 to 74 which is more than the preferred 68 to get into the LPN program (which I am still waiting to hear if I get in or not for the Fall 07). So, study, study, study and you will pass. Best wishes and blessings to you and yours.!
  4. by   Soup Turtle
    You almost made it, so you don't have much further to go, right? Hang in there!:wink2:
  5. by   GottaGetIn
    You got a B? Isn't that in the 80th percentile? Where I am applying, that's a great score. Really anything in the 80th percentile in up is very good!

    What part did you struggle on? Are you allowed to take it again? Have you taken many college classes? I find that those that have taken minimal college level classes did not do as well as those who had already taken, chem, a&p, etc.

    Don't even think about giving up....because the next time you take that test again you are going to ace it! The math is pretty basic, so really all you need to do there is practice, practice, practice.
  6. by   GottaGetIn
    I also wanted to add, if you don't get in this year, keep working (if you haven't already) on those prerequisites....a&p,micro, chem, math, etc....That in itself will prepare you more for the TEAS than any study guide will! And when the next application time comes around, you'll be a more attractive candidate. Just focus. You can do this. In the meantime, just tell all those nay-sayers that you are in the "pre-nursing" program or whatever.