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Hey Everyone, I was just wondering if there is anyone else out there applying for Barry Baptist on-site Scholars Program? -Jessica:heartbeat... Read More

  1. by   FutureFlNurse
    Hi jmi0886!

    Tomorrow is the big day! Very nervous! I will post on here when I'm done! :typing
  2. by   jmi0886
    GOOD LUCK!! I am nervous for tomorrow as well. Please let me know how it went! I am sure u will do great.
  3. by   FutureFlNurse
    Hi jmi0886,

    I was told we would know in about 15 days, they asked me questions like...

    What is your greatest weakness?

    Why should they make an investment in you?

    How would you resolve a conflict with a coworker?

    I wish you the best of luck!!! :heartbeat
  4. by   jmi0886
    Thank you! Was it a long interview? How do you think you did?
  5. by   jmi0886
    One more question lol....what did you wear? Is a pencil skirt okay? I am still deciding what to wear. I am going nuts i have never had an interview before!
  6. by   jmi0886
    Hey RN42011,
    Had my interview this morning. I think I did okay but i think that it was obvious that i was a bit nervous and i had a few brain freezes. Thank g-d its over though! Now, we just sit around and wait patiently....
  7. by   rachelrose
    I have my interview tomorrow morning.. Super Nervous.
  8. by   jmi0886
    Good luck! I know how u feel, I was so nervous I was red and shakey. Best of luck! Let me know how it went.
  9. by   rivir25
    Quote from jmi0886
    oh, Did you buy the book for that test? I have it, I heard a lot of stuff in that book is on the test. Its not so difficult either. I dont know if i am going to go to the transfer, I was told its not mandatory. I will definitely be at the orientation for the Nursing Program. My cpr certification just expired so I have to do it again. Where are you going to do that? I am glad I found someone in a similar situation as me!

    Hey, I applied to Barry's program for the fall and hoping to go to Baptist. My reason to choose Baptist: scholarship, job, and hospital setting. I'm glad too see these posts because I dont know anyone who is in or going into this program! I too am awaiting a response but have not taken the entrance exam. what book is it that some of you are talking about!!?? I would really love to know what its called!!
  10. by   rivir25
    Quote from FutureFlNurse
    I had to get it online, every store I went to was out! I am glad to hear it's the same stuff on the test. I thought it was mandatory, I guess that is one less thing to worry about then. I am planning on doing at MDC Kendall or Homestead. Too bad you live so far!! It'd be great to do it together. I am glad too! Hopefully we'll be getting started together this fall! Take care!

    I would appreciate if you could tell Which book is this? what's it called?
  11. by   jmi0886
    Baptist already sent out their decisions. I did not get in. You should probably find out soon. I did not take that test yet either because I dont know if I am starting in the Fall or in January.
  12. by   jmi0886
    oh the book is called Evolve Reach Admission Assessment Exam Review
  13. by   rivir25
    Thank you so much for telling me about the book. I'm sorry to hear about that. Was it for just Baptist or the whole program? Did they explain why? If I recall from the thread i think you were one of the ones with a high gpa!? I have applied for august 2010. I hate havin to know i need to wait so long again...!! There are sooo many people trying to do this nursing program. dont give up! Hope things get better soon!