Baptist Health San Antonio Fall 2009 you in?

  1. Just wanted to know if anyone has heard form Baptist Health Yet? I hear they will be making a decision by then end of May. I have not heard anything as of today. Just wanted to know if anyone else has?
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  3. by   sbrownRN
    Hi! I also have not heard, and it's KILLING me! When I called last month I was told "within 2 weeks of the deadline", but I don't know. Do you know how they are going to let us know?
  4. by   medsurgtrenchesRN
    Hey I replied to the Fall 2010 post but as it turns out this is the correct one lol

    I called today to ask if I should bring an official transcript in with my more current GPA and they said yes, it definitely would help. They didn't ask who I was or anything. So I dropped mine off, now it's there, I've done all I can. It definitely sounded to me that they are still making decisions. No idea when they will be finished, though I do remember being told by someone there that some time in mid-June is when they let us know.
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  5. by   sbrownRN
    Well, I requested an official transcript again from SAC to be sent to Baptist with my updated GPA (which by the way is waaaay better). I hope they get it before the decision is made:icon_roll.
  6. by   zzrxoc
    You knbow maybe i should take my updated transcript too, i have it in the car and was wondering if it would really make a diffrence. Thanks for the tip!
  7. by   medsurgtrenchesRN
    No problem! I am glad I called and got a real person lol. I think it will help, I heard somewhere that any classes that are in progress when you apply are counted as C's until there is a grade. I'm not sure if that is how Baptist does it or not.
  8. by   medsurgtrenchesRN
    So I got an email the other day from Baptist, but it was only because one of my transcripts never arrived. I did get a chance to ask how things were going with the applications, and she said that we should hear in the first week of June.

    Anyone else heard anything?

  9. by   aggiem
    What did yall think of the quiz they sent after the application deadline? Also when those of you took your transcipts did they say they were going to be completely considered even though they were given after the application deadline? Good luck to you all!!!
  10. by   medsurgtrenchesRN
    When I took my transcripts from the spring 2009 semester, they did say it would definitely help.
  11. by   medsurgtrenchesRN
    I just got my email.... I GOT IN!!!! WAHOOOOOOOOOO!!!!
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  14. by   sbrownRN
    I got in too!!!! (Day RN program) Congrats too all who made it!!!!