Bahhhh who needs a life

  1. Having a life is over rated, seeing my kids is over rated, having time to breathe is sooo over rated.

    I'm taking 14 credit hours, computers, math 110, anatomy and chemistry. Anatomy is like THE phagocyte in my life if you will (pun intended). It's all engrossing. On top of classes and the ridiculous study times that accompany anatomy I have 4 kids from ages 10-1, swim practice 5x a week (I study on the bleachers) and am a wedding photographer. I also do some private duty sitting overnight 2 days a week to pay for child care. ALL I do is study. Can I repeat ALL I do is study and 95% of the studying is for anatomy! I also have to get 100 volunteer hours before Feb for my application.

    This too shall pass....I think pure willpower is the only thing getting me through this right now.
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  3. by   Julesmama28
    You're getting good practice for the program! I just started mine and I'm already completely overwhelmed. I took 13-14 credits the last year straight too, this is a whole different animal! Good luck, don't wear yourself out!
  4. by   SopranoKris
    It'll be over before you know it. The hardest part of Anatomy is the beginning. Once you learn the muscles & bones, it's much easier to move on to the other systems because it all builds on the foundation you set. Just think: having a heavy study load now will prepare you for nursing school later when you'll REALLY be going at it hard.

    I'm taking 17 credits this semester: Physiology, Microbiology, Microbiology Lab, Pharmacology, Intro to Health Professions and Human Growth & Development. There isn't a time where I'm NOT studying...LOL But if I can make it through this...then I feel like I can handle nursing school

    Just keep reminding yourself that you're setting a GOOD example to your kids by displaying good study habits. If they see mom working hard on school, they'll be more inclined to be better students themselves. My son & I have a "contest" for A's (he's 13) and it's been fun studying together.

    Best of luck to you!
  5. by   lindsemt86
    This is just a taste of what is to come. I thought A&P was bad... until I started the nursing program. This is way more intense, and no brain dumping!! You will need that A&P again soon. Hang in there!!
  6. by   Austincb
    All for a purpose! At least I'll have good study skills for nursing school