Augusta University BSN Fall 2018 Cohort

  1. Hi, guys! I have applied to Augusta University's BSN program-Athens Campus for the Fall of 2018 and wanted to start a thread to compare stats and experiences with the application process. Comment below if you are planning on applying or already have applied! I mainly am just so eager to find out if I got in or not. Fingers crossed!
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  3. by   jansenrenee22
    Hi I'm in the process of filling out my app for the Augusta BSN Athens campus as well!! I just sent in my transcripts to Nursing CAS today, do you know how long it takes for them to receive your transcripts? I sent them through my college electronically so hopefully that'll speed things along. I don't have any shadowing experience, but I have been a lifeguard for 5 years and am CPR/AED certified (not sure if that helps?) but that's where most of my experience has come from! As far as my stats goes all I know is my GPA is a 3.68 and I'm taking the TEAS at the end of November! I'm sort of freaking out about it I've been studying the ATI manual for a solid two weeks now but if you have any advice on it please feel free to share haha also what are your stats??
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  4. by   Aggr10
    My transcripts took a couple of days to be uploaded to the system and then about another week for them to be verified...that process was the longest part for me! I have a 3.74 GPA and made an 85.3 on the TEAS but am not sure if I should give the TEAS another go. I have a little shadowing experience but not much! Is Augusta-Athens Campus your first choice?
  5. by   jansenrenee22
    Oh okay gotcha! Do they like notify you when they've been sent in or how does that work? Those are pretty good stats! I hope my TEAS is that good, but honestly with your GPA being so high I wouldn't, unless you just feel like it! Yes, the Athens campus is my first choice! I heard the earlier you apply and get all your stuff in, the earlier you hear back and I assume they fill their spots earlier. So that's why I'm kind of stressing to get everything in now!
  6. by   Aggr10
    I think they just send a letter in the mail. I know we can check our applicant status but I don't know how that works. I've heard that too!
  7. by   jansenrenee22
    On the Nursing CAS I went to check status and it says my transcripts have been "received" so I guess that means they got them!! Also for that Zeemee video what did you say on yours because I'm not really sure what to say on mine?
  8. by   Aggr10
    They sent out an email saying what it should be about. It's also on their website! I just made mine about how the rewards/challenges I've been through that had shaped me and has made me want to become a nurse!
  9. by   dm1996
    This may be a dumb question, but is there a site besides NursingCAS for us to check our admissions status? I feel like Nursing CAS only tells us that certain documents have been received/verified and doesn't really say anything about our application being "under review" etc. Thanks and good luck to everyone!!!
  10. by   Aggr10
    I'm not sure if it's accurate, but I've been checking the "Augusta University Applicant Status Check", but I'm not even sure if that's used . Mine says ready for review and said incomplete before I sent my transcripts to Augusta (not NursingCas). So I'm not sure which one is used, but i know that it never says "accepted", it just says "decision made-letter coming by mail" so i guess we find out if we got in or not in our letter.
  11. by   dm1996
    Okay, I found that page and I keep getting an error message each time I try to check my status. Were you able to check your status right after submitting the supplemental application or did it take a few weeks to allow you to check it? I'm afraid something may be wrong with my account so I may just have to end up calling them. I just want to be sure that they've received all of my documents.
  12. by   Aggr10
    I actually did not check mine until a couple of weeks later so I don't know when it activates.
  13. by   Aggr10
    Hey guys! My application status just changed to "decision made-letter sent by mail". I hope hope hope I got in!!! Has anyone else heard back?
  14. by   jansenrenee22
    Oh my gosh good luck!!! Keep us posted!!!