ASN (RN) Programs in or around Savannah, GA

  1. Howdy do! I'm in the process of getting my general education classes finished up, and now the possibility has presented itself that we might move to Savannah, GA. Are there any RN programs around this area for ASN? ( Associates Science Nursing )

    Any info would greatly be appreciated.

    Thank you kindly.
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  3. by   BSNbeDONE
    Yes there are. There's Georgia Southern University in Statesboro, Savannah Technical College (not sure if this is LPN only or both LPN and RN), South University, and Armstrong University (very popular) in Savannah.

    Almost forgot about College of Coastal Georgia in Brunswick (about 70 miles down I-95).
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  4. by   Nikkinicole1809
    The only school in the area that offers an ADN is coastal community college in Brunswick, ga (45min drive). Theres also technical college of the low country in beaufort, south carolina (45 min drive), but i wouldnt recommend going there. Its highly unlikely you'll get in there even if you have the highest scores. They accept people in their county and south carolina before even looking at out of state applicants.