Applying with an In Progress Course

  1. Hey everyone.
    I am looking for some advice.

    I have been planning to apply to CSULB in Jan 2008 all along, until I realized that I can apply this august because my physio class will be in progress.
    I have a 4.00 for all of my semesters and intend on acing micro this summer as well.

    However that in progress physio will count as a C on my transcripts. If I try to do this I will have to take more classes at the same time, take the TEAS in a month, and put myself under a heck of a lot more stress.
    I know I can accomplish it all and I know I can do well on the TEAS if I try hard enough, I am just wondering if the 6 month difference in applying is worth all the stress.

    Do you think I really have the odds of getting in?
    200 people apply for 90 seats but the avg GPA is only 3.5-3.7 and the TEAS around 80-90%

    I just want to know if you would do it if you were in my position.

    I have just always been about getting ahead. I graduated highschool early, took summer school in college, etc so its hard for me to wait around.

    But I really dont know if I will actually get in after all that.

    Thanks in advance for your advice
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  3. by   MB37
    I went for it. My school has a stated policy that you may not apply until all prereqs have been completed, which tends to result in a semester off. However, they don't enfore that policy, I found out at a pre-nursing society meeting that the admissions director spoke at. Of course, she recommended that especially younger students might want that semester off. I brought up the accelerated program, which is what I start in June, and of course she starts to stress how terribly intense it is, and how - god forbid - you don't get summers off. I've been working for 11 years, year round, whether or not I was in school, so "summers off" is a foreign concept to me.

    Are you still only 18? I'm 27, so it's really important to me not to waste any more time. Think about what else you could do this summer/next fall if you weren't taking intensive classes. Do you need to save up some money before the nursing program starts, or do you have help? Are there any trips you want to take? You might not have much time to work or travel once NS starts. What are your friends up to? Are they going to try to drag you to the beach every day, so you won't be able to motivate to study? If you're OK with missing all of that, then sign up for the summer courses that you need and apply. If that temporary C in physio drops your GPA too low and you don't get in, you're just back on your original timetable. Make sure you know when the drop deadlines are too, so if you are overwhelmed in the summer you won't be penalized. Also, I'm not familiar with your school - will you have any additional co-reqs to take once cllinicals start, or is that all finished? You may want to wait the extra semester if you still have any of those left. Just really sit down and think about it. You are only young once - I'm rushing to finish now b/c I took a few years off to play. Good luck with whatever you decide, and I'm sure you'll be fine.