Applying to AASU, Georgia southern or state for spring 2017?

  1. Was just wondering if anyone on here has applied to Armstrong in Savannah, Georgia Southern or planning to apply to Georgia state! Just curious of everyones grades and test scores. I am so very excited but also very nervous!
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  3. by   Buyer beware
    Georgia State-good school, big city Hotlanta.
    Georgia Southern-good school in Valdosta.
    Don't know Armstrong but go to ( and look up tuition costs, graduation rates and retention rates among a few other things for all three schools and others.
    Everyone should start to explore schools at this site because not surprisingly the for-profits and some others fought long and hard with the Department of Education to supress this site.
    What's there to hide? Well, a lot; because information is the life blood of any would-be nurse. Good luck.
  4. by   beni2
    I applied to Armstrong to start this upcoming January. My GPA is a 3.3 and I got an 83 on the HESI. How about you?
  5. by   nlynne
    I applied for the same semester! My GPA is 3.44 and I got an 85 on the HESI. do you attend Armstrong already??
  6. by   beni2
    Yes I go to Armstrong and just finished all of my prerequisites. How about you?
  7. by   nlynne
    I actually go to KSU. Do you know any of the stats? Like average accepted GPA, or HESI? They told me over the phone they don't keep up with that kind of stuff lol
  8. by   beni2
    No I'm not sure but I do know students who have been at Armstrong for all of their classes automatically get in to the program as long as they got a 75 on the HESI and have a 3.0
  9. by   nlynne
    Oh wow I didn't know that!! Do they usually end up accepting any transfers? I WISH my home school was like that!!
  10. by   beni2
    Yes I transferred last year. They do take transfers but they take people with what they call "Armstrong advantage" first.
  11. by   beni2
    Have you heard anything back from armstrong yet
  12. by   nlynne
    No I have not, when i called they said it would be the first week of October Via Email and snail mail. Have you heard anything???
  13. by   asemons
    did you get in? im applying in aug for spring 2018 admission. im so scared im not going to get in.
  14. by   asemons
    did you get in nlynne? im applying in aug for spring 2018 program.