Application Tips & Anyone Received Letters? UNMC, Creighton, UofL, Bellarmine, UK

  1. I applied back where my parents live (UNMC & Creighton), where my boyfriend lives (Bellarmine & UofL), and where my best friend lives (University of Kentucky). Anyone from here receive an acceptance or rejected letter yet? The deadlines haven't been yet reached for most of the schools (only UNMC, UK, and Creighton have been reached).

    I currently have a 3.1 GPA (was an art major and had NO motivation) with really bad grades my first four semesters of school (I graduated high school May of 2006 and have been taking classes full time for every semester, including summers, ever since). My last two years have consisted mostly of As and Bs with only a couple Cs. My HESI score was an 89%, but NONE of the schools requested it (I was going to apply to a school that required it, but didn't). I worked patient intake the last two summers for an NP and at an MRI facility. I have great references, but only UNMC requests references. I also have volunteered at Vanderbilt Children's Hospital for over a year now. Also, only UNMC required a personal statement. Should I try to get a personal statement and references to UofL (first choice) and the others for which the deadline has not yet passed? I'm panicking that I won't get in ANYWHERE! Any advice or info on these schools? Anything and everything is much appreciated!
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    well I got my acceptance to UNMC but you probably have heard from them whether or not you did by now. I'll be in the RN-BSN program. my GPA was similar to yours