Application points for LCC and OCNE schools.

  1. I originally posted this in another forum section, but maybe this belongs here instead.

    I'm making this thread because I have trouble finding any information about the application points necessary to get invited to Lane Community College's proctored essay or even how many points past students had when gaining acceptance into the program. I will post my GPA and application points with the hopes that you will post yours as well. This will give not only us an idea of what is required to make it into the program, but also give future applicants a rough idea. So all you former LCC students and current applicants post up your points.

    Since the other OCNE schools have similar point systems, you guys can post here as well, but I mostly want info about Lane.
    I applied to Lane Community College.

    My prerequisite GPA = 4.0

    My application points = 65

    I completed all prereqs and extra point classes, but have no prior degree (yet).
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  3. by   Humulus
    I was invited to proctored essay earlier today! I had 65/68 points possible. Anybody else?
  4. by   hungryhungryhippo
    I was invited too.
    I'm really nervous about the proctored essay portion.
  5. by   Humulus
    Oh man!!! My heart pounds at the thought of essay! Congratulations yourself!!! I know of three other people who got invited - two of them had 65 points for the application and the third didn't say. Are you a local Eugenian by chance?
  6. by   Humulus
    So I just took the essay...... Damn I did really poorly. I'm so frustrated. I'm going to make another thread about my experience with the essay, but I'll include a little info about it here.

    #1) People Cheated - After our 60 minutes was over, and we were supposed to push back our chairs and wait to print our essays out - people continued to write. I sat there and watched a couple people continue typing for several minutes after the timer was up.

    #2) Whoever ran the computer lab next to mine allowed the people in there to look at the essay questions LONG BEFORE the essay started. Whereas, in my computer lab - we couldn't touch the computer or look at the essay questions until the timer started. Not fair to us at all. Some people in the other lab had between 30-35 minutes before the timer started to look over the questions. How do i know this? Because I talked with a buddy of mine (who was in the lab that let people read the essay questions) immediately after the essay as well as 2 other people who were in his lab.

    - I don't feel like talking to the nursing faculty will do us any good. You can't be the person complaining unless you want to be the person that nobody(including the instructors) likes. It also doesn't reflect well about yourself professionally if you complain about things like this. Although it's clearly not fair for the people who were in other computer labs. The nursing cohort is roughly 75 people and there must have been about 25 people in each computer lab. With 115-ish people invited to the essay, it's potentially taking out 1/3 of available nursing program positions. With all us essay invitees having roughly the same the amount of points going into the essay, it really makes the difference being able to think things out for a long time before the essay starts.

    -I'm not going to complain to the school. But I will vent my frustrations online.
    -Should I not feel as upset about our disadvantage and the cheating as I am?
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