AP II in Fall '09 or Spring '10 . . . can't decide

  1. Hey folks,

    I have already taken AP I and loved it. I will most likely be waitlisted for the nursing program at my school and won't be able to being until Fall 2010. My question is this: Since I took AP I this past Spring, should I take it this Fall or hold off and take it in Spring 2010 which would be closer to starting my nursing program in the Fall? I'm a little worried that if I wait too long, I might be a little "rusty" in the Spring but if I take it too soon, I might be a little "rusty" for clinicals in the Fall.

    Just for the record, I do review my notes occasionally and will continue to do so.

    Thanks for your input.
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  3. by   CrunchyMama
    I took A&P 1 during fall 08 and then A&P2 spring 09.....IMO I think it's better taking it one right after the other. Some of the stuff you'll talk about in A&P 2 was covered in A&P1, plus just get over with, lol. Good luck!
  4. by   displacedfloridian
    I took them consecutively, finished up fall of 2008, and I don't start nursing school till fall 2010- my opinion, take them together now, have it behind you, take a nutrition course, or some other related course that ties it all together (nutrition was excellent, Krebs cycle revisited AGAIN :=))

    Review on your own, read nursing texts in your library, volunteer at the hospital if you don't already have a health-related position. Keep reviewing, but get the class behind you.
  5. by   denaa
    At my school, the nursing instructors complain and complain about how the incoming NS never remember their AP. Our nursing school does not reteach the AP information so you are expected to have strong AP knowledge or you are weeded out in the first semester of nursing school. So make sure you get AP II in before NS and continue reviewing your book.......but I took then one after the other which was and is in my opinion the logical thing to do.
  6. by   Sueann525
    DEFINITELY take it now! I took my A&P II last Spring and I'm just starting the Nursing program this Fall!! I've dusted off the A&P book and I'm reviewing like crazy. I'm so surprised to find how much info I've retained and how much more I'm learning by going back and looking at it a year later! My book is Tutora so I also purchased an online access code for extra review material.

    So take it now, review it later!!!
  7. by   dcgrrl
    Well, I'll definitely be signing up for AP II this Fall. Thanks again for the feedback.