Anyone with a disablity

  1. Hello,
    I would like to hear from some people who have a disability and are attempting to attend school.
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  3. by   RunnerLuv
    Hi there!

    So do you have a disability and are worried how it may affect going to school?

    I have anxiety and was recently diagnosed with ADD. (In a way not the typical ADD, I am a productive ADDer hehe). I was diagnosed right in the middle of this semester, my sophomore year. I never really thought I had anything I would consider a "disability", but the schools are very helpful. My school has an accessibility office. With a doctor filling out a paper verifying a disability they offer many services. My school offers testing in a quiet room in their center, extended test time, changed test start times for extra study time when classes are close to eachother, special parking, note takers, and a whole slew of other aides. I get to test in the center because with my ADD noises in the room distract me so dang much I want to go smack peoples tapping hands haha.

    It is hard at times because I know I should be doing my studying... but i get so distracted and then I get frustrated with my self.

    Hope it helps!
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  4. by   niali
    Thank you for replying to my thread.I am so aggreviated that I am ready to give up !
    Anatomy and Physiology is kicking my tail,I cannot seem to grasp everything ! I keep thinking ,"Do I want this ?". Niali
  5. by   RunnerLuv
    Dont Quit! You Can Do It!
  6. by   niali
    I was down and didn't even want to finish the class,but I finished it.My grade a D :angryfire.
    I worked my @#$ off.I am enrolled to take it again.I will pass this.