Anyone Get Into The Fresno City RN Program?

  1. So I've waited my 5 tries in the lottery at FCC and got picked as an alternate (which I think is kinda crappy, but better than not being picked at all). Is anyone in the same boat as me?
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  3. by   wantin
    Hi Nole,
    I was just curious to know if ended up getting accepted? Im getting ready to be in my 4th and 5th lotteries next year, and kind of had the impression I would at least get in on my 5th try, but after hearing your story I am kind of scared.
  4. by   senorita_nole
    So far, I've been picked as an alternate. I just took the TEAS test and passed, but I've heard that a lot of people haven't been passing the test. I wont find out till July 10 at orientation if I get in or not. If I don't, I'll be in for sure next spring. The waiting game sucks!
  5. by   wantin
    Good Luck! I have heard that the alternates usually get in. I have a friend who got in last semester, and she said like 5 people didn't show up to orientation, and they got dropped right away. So if you are an alternate that dosen't get picked, you're guaranteed a spot the next semester??
  6. by   senorita_nole
    I dunno...I don't wanna get my hopes up. I'm alternate #10 out of 20ish, so that sounds like a lot of people ahead of me. Yea I'm guaranteed a spot in the spring if I don't get in this fall. Make sure that when you do get accepted or picked as an alternate, that you study your ass off for that TEAS test because it was tough. I seriously ran out of time and left like 5 pages incomplete on the math part. A lot of critical thinking questions. The science questions were science questions that aren't nursing related, like types of rocks and what is a tectonic plate, and other garbage. Get the book and prep for it. Hope you get in soon!!!
  7. by   wantin
    Thank you for the tips on the test, and good luck!