Anyone familiar w/ Nova Souheastern in Davie FL (broward county)?

  1. I've made a decision to go to nursing school and all of the programs here have a very long wait. I haven't heard to much about Nova though. I mainly wanted to know if there was much of a wait and how the school was. Thanks if anybody has any info. for me!
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  3. by   suzi_h
    Hi, I am from S.Fla. If I hadn't moved away, I would've probably gone there for school. I have a friend who is currently in the PharmD program and she loves it. Nova carries a great reputation. It's expensive b/c it's private. You might be able to find scholarships that the school offers though. I have only heard really great things about it. If you have a choice between private schools, you may want to look into Barry University too. It's in North Miami. My sister went there and she loved it. I know this info is kind of vague, but I hope it helped anyways.

  4. by   cindy0624
    Thanks for the quick response! That's good to hear. I wonder if there is a wait to get in?
    What part of South Carolina are you in? I grew up in the Charleston area?
  5. by   Momto3andNurse2B
    Hi Cindy, and welcome to!

    I am currently in my first semester at BCC after waiting for a year and a half to get in, so I know what you mean about the waiting lists here in South Florida

    As of about a year ago, I know that the waits for both Nova and Barry were much shorter than the one at BCC, because several people who were waiting with me opted for one of those two, or at the very least considered it. For me, these programs were not an option due to the cost, so I waited it out.

    You also may want to look into FIU, if going to Miami is an option (I don't know where you live.) It is much cheaper, and I heard last spring about people getting in for that fall if they had an AA degree. I've also heard that Barry offers very attractive financial aid packages for those with good GPAs.

    If you're just getting started, you also may want to consider taking some of your basic science and other pre-req classes at BCC (about $90/credit total instead of over $400 for Nova or $600 for Barry.)

    I don't know if the ADN route appeals to you, but as far as BCC goes, you may still want to consider it. They are not taking applications again until January 2007 for August 2007 admission, but if you haven't taken any pre-reqs yet, that may give you just enough time to get them done. They changed the admission process about 6 months ago, so now admission is done based on GPA and entrance exam, with no more waiting list. I would imagine it will be quite competitive, though.

    Feel free to PM me if you have any questions.
  6. by   suzi_h
    Quote from cindy0624
    Thanks for the quick response! That's good to hear. I wonder if there is a wait to get in?
    What part of South Carolina are you in? I grew up in the Charleston area?
    We are in Sumter, I don't think it's the best place in the world but, it could be much worse. And I didn't have to wait at all to get into the ADN program so, that's a plus all by itself. I miss the night life of South Florida and the shopping, not to mention the beach, my friends...:icon_roll Oh how I miss sunny so.fla...How did you hold up through the hurricane. My sister still doesn't have power!

    Back to the school issue, I am sure there is an admissions procedure for Nova. I don't think they accept just anyone who wants in. Same thing with Barry. There are lots of schools down there to choose from. FAU, FIU, UM (I think UM is more $ than Nova but you probably get to do your clinicals at Jackson Memorial) BCC, MDCC, PBCC. I'd look around. If you are just starting out, I'd go with what Momto3 said about going to a community college first. Having an AS might give you the upperhand into a private 4 yr univ. Just find out what's required for the program first. My friend (whose name is also Cindy :chuckle ) had a BS in Biology from UM and still had to take a few extra classes at BCC. Lame classes like computers and speech. That will definately lessen the blow financially.

    Good luck and keep us updated.
  7. by   icugirl33

    Nova just started their nursing program a couple of years ago & I don't think they have a waiting list. As previous posters stated, it is quite expensive. The two public universities in South Fl (FAU & FIU) are cheaper but they only accept 70-80 students a year. You don't only need an AA, but you also need the GPA to go along with it. I went to FIU and one of their criterias is if you ever failed a science course,you can't be accepted to the program. Even if you took the class over & rec an A.

    Nursing is a limited access program, however, it is easier to get accepted to the private universities because they can afford to take more students. However, the public schools (FIU/FAU) are extremely limited due to the limited number of students they can accept.

    Good luck