Anyone else not do to good this semester?

  1. Received a C in a&p 1 I studied relentlessly everyday. I tried different methods of studying and went to tutoring. Our professor never gave us our tests back so I have no idea where I'm making my mistake. My gpa is horrible (2.6!!). I still have a&p 2, micro, biomedical ethics, statistics, gen chem 2, and computer literacy to take. I know I have to retake a&p 1. I feel like I'll never become a nurse. I'm taking a cna course right now too. Almost every school around me has almost a 2 year wait list. All of my friends who are in nursing start nursing school in the fall. I know I should just focus on my future but I'm not book smart. I'm better at thinking critically rather than memorizing things for a test. Anyone else go through this?
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  3. by   Bubbly26
    I can certainly understand where you are coming from. I made a C this semester in my inorganic chemistry class this semester (I was off by 1 point). But, I am certainly not going to let this stop me from achieving my goal of becoming a nurse.

    It sounds like you have more classes to take in order to pull up your gpa so don't despair. Focus on pulling up your gpa and stop stressing out about what is going to happen in the future. It's not set in stone so you have time to change the outcome. If you can take a&p 1 over then do so to bring up your gpa.
  4. by   __patiently_waiting
    I did ok this semester, but last semester I messed up. C in college algebra & B in a PE (89.3 needed 89.5 - instructor said he would boost my grade that tenth of a point & never did!! ). I'm still upset over it but I use it as a source of motivation. I still have a ton of classes to take before I can apply to nursing school so nothing is set in stone. I'm currently taking summer classes to boost my GPA before the upcoming fall semester.
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  5. by   queserasera
    I got my first ever C in microbiology. But I got an B in A&P, an A in Pre Calc and an A in English. My C, straight up was from not studying... at all. So I'm not mad about it considering half the class failed with studying. Bad grades happen.