Any other Georgia pre-nursing students?

  1. I was just wondering who else is out there!
    I am sending out applications like a mad woman and hoping to get in anywhere!

    I have applied to the following schools (all RN programs. Some ADN some BSN):

    For Spring 2010 entry:

    Georgia Highlands
    Georgia Perimeter

    For Summer 2010 entry:
    Kennesaw State University

    For Fall 2010 entry:
    Georgia State University
    North Georgia College and State University

    I didn't want to put all of my eggs into one basket. I should hear from the top 3 by early January (some as early as September) and hopefully I will get into at least one of them. If not then I fall back on the last two back-ups . I hope that certainly I can get into at least one of these ! LOL. Sort of kidding and sort of freaked out by the rumors about how hard it is to get in to nursing school! Anybody else out there compulsively applying to every program within a reasonable radius from their house? I feel like all I've done lately is fill out applications, deal with sending transcripts, and take tests! I took the TEAS a couple of weeks ago and I am taking the NET this Saturday. Then I get to take the TEAS AGAIN in July b/c I didn't score high enough the first time (got an 80.6). But I feel really hopeful I will get in somewhere. It makes me feel good to see the school acceptances rolling in. Maybe the nursing acceptance will come rolling in this fall, too
    GL to everyone applying! I hope to hear from some of you!
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  3. by   DENNUR
    i'm currently attending gpc-decatur campus and is currently scheduled to take the net 06/06 at mercer university campus in atlanta. What site are you taking the net saturday??????
  4. by   DENNUR
    i am currently attending gpc-decatur campus and is schedule to take the net @ mercer university campus in atlanta on 06/06. What campus are you scheduled to take the net saturday?
  5. by   %63theend
    Yes- I am taking it at Mercer! See ya there!
  6. by   haris
    I will be taking the test also tommorrow.
  7. by   %63theend
    Ok so I want to know where everyone sat when taking the NET today so I can figure out if I saw you LOL! I sat on the far left (near the clock) around the middle of that section. I have longish hair that I wore in a ponytail. Anybody see me?

    How did you feel about the test? I was happy with the math but I am not sure how I did on the english portion. I was surprised to see a science portion. I didn't know there was one on the NET!
  8. by   Samae
    I am scheduled to take the NET on 8/8 at Mercer. That's the only option that was available for me for this entire year - the ERI website says the other options are for Georgia State applicants only and I wasn't planning on applying there. Does anyone know if I can take it at Georgia State anyway - have my results sent there AND to Georgia Perimeter? Georgia Perimeter said I could take the test twice.
  9. by   DENNUR
    I was sitting to the far left upon entering-getting i.d.'ed, etc. (by the clock. I was the one with the sickening look. I had an extreme headache. All in all the exam wasn't bad. The only thing that got me was when the gentleman state, "10 mins left". I was like @#!! I feel confident that i did okay, but ya know how that feeling can be quickly falsified!! Hope those that took the net on 6/6/09 did well and to those upcoming---good luck and don't freak out.
    And to samae, if you'be prepaid that additional 4o bucks to have the results send to another school-you can have your results sent to gsu. Only do they allow one freeby to be sent to school of choice.
  10. by   %63theend
    I hope to get the score soon!
  11. by   haris
    i sat in the middle, second row from back came in with motorcycle jacket and helmet.. I also did not know there was going to be a science section.. MAd lol