Any one go to Ocean County College

  1. Hello applying to Ocean County in NJ...i however, live in Brooklyn..But the program is EXCEPTIONAL!!!!.so i really feel i have to do it...i wanted to know if any of you travel from NY to Ocean County???...Anything about the 1 day a week Nursing program...Is there a Waiting List or No???
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  3. by   TiffanyLovesPink
    I live very close to Ocean County College but will not be attending the college for nursing, even though I have taken all my pre-req classes there. There is about a two year waitlist at OCC and you have to submitt a letter of intent every semester. Although, the nursing school is supposed to be an excellent school the staff is very unhelpful. I have found that most of the workers in admission, financial aid, counseling, etc. don't like to give any useful information about anything. Instead I am currently waitlist at Brookdale Community College. I have found that all of the staff there is very helpful in the whole process. I also only need to apply once... they put you on a waitlist an you don't have to worry about reapplying again. You just wait your turn while finishing any pre-reqs you may need. The wait is the same at both schools.

    A teacher of mine at OCC who has a Masters in Biology or something... took the OCC one day a week nursing program and said that it is very hard... she suggested that no one in the class take it unless you want to seriously have no life.