Any FCCJ RN Summer Start Applicants???

  1. Hello everyone... Just seeing if there is anyone else out there applying for summer start at FCCJ? I am in micro right now. I take my NAT tomorrow and do my CPR certification on Saturday. Then plan to turn in all my paperwork on Monday.
    I've been reading some old posts from past FCCJ students on here and have gotten some really good info.
    What are typical class times for the weekday track and the weekend/evening track? I am not sure yet which will work better for me. At this point I just want to get in!
    I'm pretty nervous right now. I've done really well in my classes and usually do well on standardized tests but still can't help feeling some anxiety which I'm sure is pretty common.
    Anyways, I would appreciate any tips, comments, etc... Thanks!

    Good luck to any other applicants out there!!
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  3. by   elby812
    Well just an update. I took my NAT today and did extremely well!! I scored in the 98/99/97 percentiles is the academic applitude/reading/science sections. So I feel better now about getting in.
    I'm still real curious about what happens after getting in. So excited!!
  4. by   hlfpnt
    Just wanted to wish you luck on getting accepted at FCCJ :wink2: . Is this the only program you've applied to?
  5. by   elby812
    Thank you! Yes, I guess I'm kind of putting all my eggs in one basket. But I feel pretty good about getting in. I added my points up today; I have 217 which I believe is pretty good. I'm just really wanting to get started.
    Did you go to FCCJ?
  6. by   hlfpnt
    Wow, they've really increased the points requirement! I did my pre-reqs at FCCJ then transfered to another college for the nursing program. Like you, I put all my eggs in one basket & only applied to one program. All my best to you! :wink2:
  7. by   kertz81
    Hi. I've been trying to find another FCCJ student, and you are the first one that has posted recently. I am trying to get into the night/weekend program this fall, but I'm looking for more you know anything about the night track? Also, do you know how often you can take the NAT???
  8. by   elby812
    Hello! I don't know much about the night/weekend program (I applied for weekdays) except for what I've seen on this site. You can take the NAT twice a year as long as there is 3 months in between, I believe. Do you have that green packet from the school? Its says in there. I took it on Friday and its really not that bad, its just the time limits. You really have to manage your time and know when to just guess and go onto the next question. Any of the nursing school preentrance exam will help. I checked out a couple from the public library and they really helped me.
    Good luck to you!
  9. by   kertz81
    Good to hear from another FCCJ'er. I did find out about the NAT, and I'm planning on taking it next month, and then again in May. I can't apply to the program until May anyway, because I have to be enrolled in Micro, and I don't start that until summer.
    So, you didn't think the NAT was that hard? I have the study book the school recommends for it, but the study book has a lot of hard questions, so I'm kind of worried about it.
  10. by   elby812
    I didn't have the book the school recommends but I checked out some similar books from the public library. They had harder questions too than that were actually on the test. The books really helped me review for the science section though. There were a lot of A&P questions and a few micro, chemistry, physics and biology questions. None of the questions were too "deep." I think the hardest thing about the test was the time limits. Especially on the math and reading parts. You just don't have time to completely read the passage or work out an entire math question. I would work on a problem for like 20 sec and if I couldn't get it, I would make a good guess, write down the page number and move on. Then if I had time left I could go back. With the reading, I would just skim the passage and then go back and forth with the questions.
    I don't know which campus you go to, but Judith Davis at Kent campus is a really good micro teacher. I have her right now and I really like her.
    Good luck to you!!
  11. by   kertz81
    Thanks for the info...I will take all the advice I can get! I will definitely try to sign up for her class mext semester....hoping she teaches it over the summer.
    Thanks again, and good luck to you too.....all of us "hopeful nurses" need all the luck ew can get!
  12. by   squirtle
    Quote from elby812
    Thank you! Yes, I guess I'm kind of putting all my eggs in one basket. But I feel pretty good about getting in. I added my points up today; I have 217 which I believe is pretty good. I'm just really wanting to get started.
    Did you go to FCCJ?
    You should feel pretty confident about getting in The cut off for last semester was 181!

    I submitted my app for summer, but I am taking Micro now so I didn't have any points to show for it.
  13. by   lmh47
    i am also at Fccj and will apply for the nursing program in may...
    I am so nervous and dont know what to expect.
    and judith davis is awesome, i had her last semester. She will even share ith you certain questions that will be on the test... so make sure you write them down and put a star next to those to study!
    good luck to you all
  14. by   elby812
    Same here, nervous & don't know what to expect. Extremely excited though!

    I know, Judith Davis is awesome. Our first test is on Tuesday. I'm a little nervous just cause its the first but I've been studying her notes and the sample exams so it shouldn't be that bad.

    Good luck to you, lmh!!!