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Hello everyone... Just seeing if there is anyone else out there applying for summer start at FCCJ? I am in micro right now. I take my NAT tomorrow and do my CPR certification on Saturday. Then plan... Read More

  1. by   lmh47
    Quote from elby812
    Same here, nervous & don't know what to expect. Extremely excited though!

    I know, Judith Davis is awesome. Our first test is on Tuesday. I'm a little nervous just cause its the first but I've been studying her notes and the sample exams so it shouldn't be that bad.

    Good luck to you, lmh!!!
    thanks...... you too~
    With her tests, givin that she gives the cheat sheet, that helps alot...
    but just be careful of her turning around words..
    sometimes you will have a question on there and it be almost exactly like the one on the study guide...but she somehow switched it around and its a different answer..... Other than that she is awesome.

    I am taking Chem right now with Horace brown,,, on rate my professor there was all negative things about his teachings... he seems nice though but we havent had a test yet. they said it is hard to even get a C in his class. So we will see.
  2. by   AspirantRN
    Hi everyone, Im also applying to the FCCJ summer program with 221 pts and I hope and pray I get in. This is the only program Im going to apply to. Ive been on this site for a while have read just about every newer post from FCCJ student. Im happy I found this post, Elby there isnt going to be night program this summer and they are only accepting 72 student to the day program, it may be 96 if the night program for this Spring gets approved from the boards to start in February other wise they will give the 24 student spots in the summer program. Well hello and good luck to everyone.
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  3. by   elby812
    Hello AspirantRN... I've been doing the same thing.

    Thanks for the info on the Night program. I applied for days but I know they are some others on this site who applied for evenings.

    Good luck to you too!!
  4. by   MikeinFl
    The nights and weekends program for this semester is scheduled for tests on Monday night, class on Tuesday and Thursday from 6 - 10 p.m., Saturday from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. and Sunday from 1 p.m. to 6 p.m. We have an unusal schedule because of a delay in our start date. We hope to start 2/12. The normal schedule is tests on Mondays (this applies to all programs both days and nights), class on Thursday from 6 - 9 p.m., Saturday from 7 a.m. - 2:30 p.m. (clinicals) and Sunday 1 - 5 p.m. The NAT test is a peice of cake. The book FCCJ recommends is way overboard. I looked at the book and then put it away and scored very high on the test. A total score of 217 will get you in. The cutoff for the fall program was 182. On the day of orientation, you will get your schedule. You will be given a number for your turn to pick a schedule if you are in the day program. The night and weekend schedule is the same for everyone. Your overall score does nothing for you once accepted. Schedules are picked based upon a lottery system. The lower the number you pull out of the hat, the earlier you get to pick your schedule. As far as classes are concerned, the schedules are very similiar for everyone. The biggest difference is where you end up for your clinicals. I hope this answers most of your questions. Good luck!
  5. by   elby812
    Thanks for the info. I was wondering how you picked schedules. Any suggestions on where to go for clinicals? I live off of I-10 so just about anywhere besides the beaches or southside are "convenient" for me.
  6. by   MikeinFl
    Your clinical location is assigned as well. It is part of your schedule.
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  7. by   kertz81
    Is everyone here planning on applying for the summer program? I am applying for the night and weekend program this fall, and I was feeling really good about my score, but now hearing all of your scores, it's starting to bring me down a bit. I have a 198. Do you all think that will be good enough? My biggest problem is that I won't be able to include my micro points since I will take it this summer. What do you all think? Do I have enough points?
  8. by   MikeinFl
    181 was enough points for the Spring program at FCCJ.
  9. by   abing123
    hey guys! im hoping to get in in FCCJ this summer too! i heard they are only taking 70 + applicants but they are taking twice more this fall. i pray that i get in.
  10. by   abing123
    Quote from MikeinFl
    181 was enough points for the Spring program at FCCJ.
    yup. i agree. as long as you surpass 170 above, youll be fine
  11. by   elby812
    Hi abing... Good luck to you!
  12. by   AspirantRN
    Hello everyone, I got my letter yesterday. I am so happy. :hatparty: Good luck to everyone and hope to see you all at orientation.
  13. by   elby812
    Hey, congratulations aspirantRN!!!! See you at orientation...