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  1. Hi again,
    I went to BMCC and was frustrated. They lost all my papers from the time I went to Open House in Oct. Not only that in the Admissions dept a rep was very rude to me. He didn't even look at me when he spoke to me the whole time i was sitting next to him. He became annoyed and angry. I treated him with respect, but, I expect to be treated as I treat others. All this has discouraged me from wanting to attend BMCC. To top it of they can't find the proof I had given them on approval of a class that was approved by the speech dept for me not to have to take that class again since I had taken it at my previous college. I was thinking on going to laguardia CC, until I found out that we have to experiment on a cat for Human Biology I and II. I love cats, and dogs. I now refuse to go to Laguardia CC. Any advice? I hope that Beth Israel School Of nursing doesn't experiment on cats or dogs.
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  3. by   freudianslip2000
    a few of the people that didn't make it to the nursing program were able to go to schools in NJ. Apparently NJ has some nursing schools right across the water. The bmcc program is good but its extremely difficult to get into and even more difficult to stay in it. Plus, the Nursing 1 professor, Prof. Eng is under review by the college because she makes her own exams and her current class rioted because of her unfair practices.