any advice for me plz

  1. okay so i turn my provisonal application in on october 25th and i was wondering if anyone has taken the emt program in any maricopa county community college while waiting placement for nursing....i think im goin to do that so i can start getting some training and hopefully work. another question...does anyone work at any of the banner hospitals in arizona? do they hire for patient care technicians? what does the job usually pay? and can you work it with the emt certification? please let me know what your opinions are please.
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  3. by   HMnursingstudent1
    Hi there,
    I haven't taken classes at any of those schools, but I can say that taking classes in other healthcare areas is helpful! Right now I'm taking some classes in the medical coding program like, medical terminology, body structure & function and a human diseases class and these will all be helpful when I get into my nursing classes. It kinda gives you a head start. It also will help when you are looking for a job in the healthcare field. Good Luck!
  4. by   SummerGarden
    Since it has been a few days... try browsing the Arizona forum. I am sure there are students and nurses on that forum who may be able to better answer your question.

    Be sure to post a different question or topic or give further details so it is not removed as a duplicate post. Good luck. :wink2: