An alternative to waiting (posted in the Detroit Free Press newspaper) PLEASE READ!

  1. [font=book antiqua]hello all,

    [font=book antiqua]i was reading the paper yesterday and they had an advertisement for people wanting to go into the nursing field, but were tired of waiting to get into adn programs. the school is called [color=#ffffff]international university of nursing in [font=book antiqua]st. kitts and they claim to guarantee enrollment for their jan., may, or september 2007 classes. they offer financial aid as well. now, i realize that this may not be convenient for everyone, me included, but i thought that i would pass on the information.

    [font=book antiqua]the website is iuon video and their catalog can be downloaded at

    [font=book antiqua]the toll free contact number is 1-866-868-4720
    [font=book antiqua]local office (metro detroit): 248-363-0944
    [font=book antiqua]email:

    [font=book antiqua]i hope that this helps some of you!

    [font=book antiqua]~*~syncere~*~
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  3. by   suzanne4
    This is not a new program and has been around for some time. It has been discussed many times under the International Forum.