Am I qualified-doubting myself

  1. I am a 20 yr old (female) nursing school applicant. Married with a baby girl, I don't have a ton of time and have been taking online classes. I live in south salt lake but have been attending a long distance university for the last 3 years. I have completed anatomy(B), chem 1010 (A-), microbiology (A-), english 2010 (A), human development (A), psych (A), humanities (A-), i just need patho and my QL math credit. My physiology and chem 1110 credits are in progress (current grade is A- in both. My cumulative is 3.67.

    I am currently a graveyard CNA/med tech at an assisted living. I've been working my a** off going to school and working full time to get into nursing school. I don't have a previous degree but next semester (spring) I will have my Associates of science (once i finish my QL credit).

    I am applying to highly competitive programs in my state (Utah). I need to know what my chances are..? Anyone who has gotten into any of these programs if you could provide me with some admissions info like what your GPA was and how many times you applied it would help immensely! Oh and I applied to an ATC this past cycle and got turned down (not a huge surprise to me!) I'm open to any advice as well Thanks guys

    My ultimate goal is to be a CRNA and I know I am going to have to relocate which I am okay with! Just can't wait to get in a program and get the ball rolling.
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    I am in an accelerated program at Fortis College on 3900 south 700 east. I took that route to bypass the wait list and lotteries going on everywhere else in SLC. I am very happy with the Education I am receiving and have less than six months to graduate. It is an option if the others don't work out for you. Good Luck
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    Call the schools you want to attend and ask about your chances of admission. They will be quick to tell you the GPAs and accomplishments of students who are typically accepted. And most schools are glad to meet and evaluate your transcripts.

    Are you planning to go right for a BSN? Many community college's offer bridge programs for CNAs to earn an RN. But then you have to find another school to go from the RN to BSN.

    Good luck.
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    I didn't even think of just calling them lol thank you!

    It does not really matter to me if I get my BSN now or right after my associates. My university offers the bridge program from CNA to BSN. The problem is that it is just as competitive if not more competitive as the BSN programs.